Mission and Values

Canadialog is part of an international group that strives to provide every possible means to promote active and autonomous involvement in society for the visually-impaired people.

Canadialog’s committment is to offer local services and innovative products tailored to the needs of its customers.

Thanks to its experienced, professional, English and French-speaking team, Canadialog offers its services throughout Canada. Canadialog provides innovative services, including:

  • Continuous and efficient product support as part of its after-sales service
  • Products that are customized to customers’ needs
  • Workstation customization
  • Customized training sessions on the use of the various software and hardware
  • Assessment of web site accessibility
  • Expertise and solutions to make urban environments accessible

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to offer solutions tailored to your own needs. Canadialog provides its customers with a study on needs assessment prior to the implementation of projects, followed by monitoring and follow-up after implementation in aim to build durable partnerships with customers.

As part of Canadialog’s venture for distinction, it offers a wide range of products that meet the latest technological developments. For this reason, Canadialog has built partnerships with American and European companies in accessibility field.

Canadialog seeks to ensure that the visually-impaired people benefit from premium products and services, developed in collaboration with leading companies in this industry and with our local and international partners.

Thanks to Canadialog, the world is a touch away!