Donald, Trois-Rivières

“Not only is buying a reliable, long-lasting and sturdy product a not-so-simple task, but after-sales service also has to be effective and flawless. Why exactly is that? Because I live with a double disability, being both deaf and blind.

For instance, when I wanted to be my mini-computer, not only did the advisor give me clear explanations and was patient to me, but he also respected my needs. With complete peace of mind, I was able to consider whether or not I was going to buy the computer. No pressure whatsoever. Who can top that?

At Canadialog, our staff is generous with their time and always ready to help you with courtesy. To make a long story short, you will be greeted with an efficient and fast service, just the way after-sales service should be.

Can you buy confidently at Canadialog? No question about it! It is just the right place to go for products and after-sales service that are tailored to your needs.

My Kangaroo mini-computer now follows me wherever I go!
Clearly a smart choice!”

Adel, Ottawa

“The support team at Canadialog gave me invaluable help. Having my braille tools installed and set up allowed me to quickly get back to business. Thank you for the training and advice you provided me with. I now have a much better command of my refreshable braille display.  I confirm it: the help Canadialog gave us made our dedicated equipment more accessible.”

Céline, Montréal

“I was really satisfied with the information and explanations I received from Canadialog. They were truly welcoming and made me feel comfortable asking my questions.

They showed tremendous technological expertise and they were patient with me when I asked them for explanations. Simply put, their knowledge and attitude are trustworthy.”