Podcast Introducing the use and new functions of Windows 10 Creator Narrator

Canadialog is very happy to present a new series of podcasts on assistive technologies. We will pubish an episod once a week so come back often! For this first podcast, let’s talk about Windows Narrator.

Did you know that Windows includes a screen reader named Narrator in its infrastructure? Want to learn more about Windows Narrator? Would you like to have more control over this tool that can offer you much more than you think? This Podcast is for you!

This episode, first part of a series of two podcasts on Narrator, presents the basic features of the Windows Narrator and gives an overview of the new features available since the Windows 10 Creator Update.

We are pleased to introduce our new co-worker, Olivier Danjou, who will be presenting most of our podcasts on assistive technologies in the future. Welcome among us!

If you’d like to learn more about Narrator and its features, we invite you to consult the documentation provided by Microsoft about Narrator.