Podcast about text editing with TalkBack

This week, we will finish introducing you to the TalkBack tutorial. We’ll show you how to write text using the on-screen keyboard, how move the cursor in text as well as commands allowing to select text. Mobile text editing is a key concept everyone should assimilate and often left out by several users. Do not hesitate to listen to this episode several times if necessary and to put into practice our tips!

Although Android text editing has several similarities with iOS editing, a Podcast episode will soon be available on this topic for users of this operating system and the VoiceOver screen reader. Visit our website regularly to be informed when new Podcast becomes available or subscribe to our Youtube channel.

In addition, as a reminder, the Canadialog team can offer private or group training on request on the use of mobile technologies. Do not hesitate to contact our support team to learn more about training we can offer.