Meet Alexa, Amazon’s smart voice assistant!

After receiving the visit of Google Assistant and Siri, it’s now Alexa’s turn to visit the Canadialog studios! In this podcast of more than two hours duration, Olivier and Alexandre introduce you to Alexa, the voice assistant designed by Amazon. They show you the interface of the Amazon Alexa mobile app, as well as what it is possible to do with Alexa and Echo connected speakers: making calls, sending messages, controlling smart plugs and much more. Knowing that Amazon’s smart speakers are controlled exclusively by using your voice and the Alexa assistant, these are fully accessible and can be used without any issue by blind or visually impaired persons. In fact, Alexa can be so helpful for you to accomplish tasks in your daily life.

Although the demonstrations were made on Echo and Echo Dot devices, please note that Alexa is also available on smart speakers that have not been manufactured by Amazon, such as some models in the Sonos line, but with limited features. For example, features that affect telecommunication, such as messaging, calling and Drop In are not supported by Sonos at this time. Finally, if you want to become more familiar with Alexa before purchasing an Amazon smart speaker, note that it is also possible to use the Amazon assistant directly from your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, as a reminder, the Canadialog team can offer private or group training on request on the use of assistive technologies. Do not hesitate to contact our team to learn more about training we can offer.

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