The Dot watch, a Braille watch that change the way to interact with your smartphone!

In this podcast published January 9th, 2020, Alexandre and Olivier are with you to talk about the Dot Watch. What is the Dot Watch? This is a Braille watch that provides 4 Braille cells, 6 dots each, that can be paired to your existing smartphone (iPhone or Android). Using this watch, you’ll be able to read the time and date, use the stopwatch, the timer, read the notifications received on your smartphone, read memos, see whose calling and decide if you want to answer or decline the call, find your smartphone and much more, all by reading Braille!

You can interact with the Dot Watch using the 4 cells Braille display, by feeling vibrations provided by the watch, use the two touch sensors, the two buttons or even the crown that can be turned. At this time, the Dot Watch cannot be used to interact with your smartphone like sending text messages, reply to emails, Etc. Expect to be able to read out your notifications with this watch but not to reply to them.

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