Building and Transportation Accessibility

Let’s Design a Better World!

Our team will take care of converting your urban infrastructure into areas that can be accessed by everybody.

People with disabilities, especially when travelling alone, can experience difficulties in locating streets, roads, sidewalks, traffic lights, means of transportation and various points of interest or reference.

This is why outdoor work is a critical aspect of the accessibility services offered by our team.

Thanks to our solutions, people with disabilities will be able to find their way, to obey traffic lights, to cross the streets, to use public transit, to locate venues and buildings and to move around the city independently and safely.

Our solutions for outdoor environments mainly include:

– Tactile guidance strips and nails (link to online store)

– Sound terminals and push-buttons (link to online store)

– Audible pedestrian traffic signals (link to online store)

Our latest innovation: GUIDINO

GUIDINO is a powerful indoor geolocation and guidance tool for the digital age. GUIDINO builds upon the profile of each user – it will offer the itinerary that best suits the needs of a person with visual limitations or without any disability. The tool aims to provide the person with the shortest route, depending on their profile.

GUIDINO is particularly adapted to large environments, such as universities, airports, malls, hospitals, museums, ministries and stadiums.

GUIDINO includes several features, such as geolocation, navigation, guidance to the nearest exit, emergency calling to a security centre and a free or planned walk mode.

Furthermore, GUIDINO can also connect the user to a location’s information system, allowing them to receive urgent notifications (i.e. a classroom change or new boarding gate, a special discount at a store, or even security information), to obtain flight data and to locate points of interest.

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