Enterpad Keyboard

314.99$ +tx

With Enterpad, productivity is on the rise!

Programmable keyboard for peoples with physical or sensorial disabilities


With Enterpad, save time and be more efficient with JAWS, Magic, Zoomtext, NVDA, WindowEyes, VoiceOver and for all daily tasks. Enterpad is compatible with all screen reading and magnification software available on Mac or PC.

Enterpad will simplify complex actions you need to do with some software. Time for to perform complex keyboard shortcuts like (CTRL+ALT+F1) or sequential and repetitive actions is now over !

Is your mouse becoming a mousetrap? We can fix that.

Enterpad Keyboard

Best product for students, workers and for peoples having difficulties to use traditional keyboard or who may have difficulties to remember shortcuts or sequential tasks.

When pressing one of the 120 key of Enterpad, you’ll obtain a sequence of letters, numbers or functions like if you were using your regular keyboard.

A text file copied in Enterpad internal memory define the action of each key. All function of this keyboard can be reproduce on an overlay sheet.

Use Enterpad for data entry, automated tasks, macro commands or to perform keyboard shortcuts.

Enterpad Keyboard

Stay focused, keep your attention and work only on things that matter, improve training offer to your employees and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders with less mouse and keyboard use.

Enterpad comes with a tactile sheet to help finding keys. Our template for JAWS or ZoomText users is also included and you’ll be able to add function to it by yourself.

Enterpad Keyboard

Need help to setup your Enterpad based on what you want?

We will create with you a template based on your needs. Our development team will create the perfect template for you.

  • Hourly cost of 30$ for home users or 50$ for business + taxes.
  • 80$ for home users or 140$ for business + taxes for three hours of programming.

Enterpad keyboard







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