Hand-Held 7 X (23D) Illuminated Magnifier

65.00$ +tx

  • MH7LED
  • 7X (23D) Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier
  • SMARTMag “Classic” Cool White 5mm “Brilliant” Multi-Chip LED
  • Warm White and Yellow LEDs available
  • 45mm Aspheric Lens


Some of the features of the SMARTMag® hand-held LED magnifiers are:

  • The brightest white LEDs (when compared to European manufacturers of LED magnifiers*) are used in the SMARTMag® LED hand-held magnifiers. Your patients will enjoy the enhanced contrast.
  • The SMARTMag LEDs give a broad, even field of light that have no purplish or blue “bright spots”.
  • Expanded power range for best selection for patients. The hand-helds are available in 12 powers, from 2.5X through 14X. The magnifiers are labeled with both “X” and “D” ratings.
  • Cases are included with all LED hand-held magnifiers. Heavy duty boxes protect the magnifiers.
  • Durable reinforced contrast-blue switches on all powers. White mounting and handle.
  • LEDs give long battery life. Uses three “AAA” batteries.
  • LEDs warranted to never burn out.
  • Large print picture instructions and warranty included in all magnifier boxes.
  • Battery compartments have high contrast battery directional images.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We think you will agree with us that the SMARTMag® hand-held magnifiers are the best LED hand-held magnifiers available.