Kurzweil 1000

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Kurzweil 1000 makes printed or electronic text accessible to people with blindness and visual impairments — speaking text aloud in a variety of natural-sounding voices that can be modified to individual preferences.

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Kurzweil 1000 makes printed or electronic text accessible to people with blindness and visual impairments — speaking text aloud in a variety of natural-sounding voices that can be modified to individual preferences.

Provides Enhancement and Ease in Users’ Reading, Writing, and Learning Experiences

Kurzweil 1000 combines traditional reading machine technologies such as scanning, image processing, and text-to-speech with communication and productivity tools.

Users Can Pursue Any Reading Interests

It delivers quick access to a wealth of information including online books, magazines and encyclopedias.

Gives the Ability to Write and Edit Documents

Features for note taking, summarizing content, and outlining text are also included.

Save Time and Gain Independence

Study Tools

Professionals and students find Kurzweil 1000’s comprehensive time-saving study tools extremely useful. Add bookmarks, text notes, voice notes and annotations; skim, summarize, and create outlines for your work, and have your documents open to the last position read. Plus, you’ll have access to eighteen bilingual dictionaries.

Accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Two OCR engines, ABBYY FineReader Version 11, and OmniPage© Version 19, provide the most accurate OCR available. For the best possible scanning results, Kurzweil 1000 also has the ability to correct many errors. A noise filter option lets users ignore regions near the edge of a page that were incorrectly identified as text.

Simple Forms Recognition and Completion

Our software provides easy access to most printed forms and presents them with the fields, labels, boxes, and text areas in the appropriate reading order. Fill in the fields, edit, save, or even insert your handwritten signature into any Kurzweil 1000 document, once it’s scanned into your computer.

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State-of-the-Art Speech Options

Clear, natural-sounding VoiceTextTM voices from Neo Speech and ETI-EloquenceTM voices from Nuance deliver the highest quality text-to-speech (TTS), making your reading a pleasure to hear. Microsoft Speech Platform delivers access to more than a dozen additional voices in a variety of languages. You can choose and adjust our many voice options to suit your individual preference.

Appointment Calendar with Audible Reminders

Keep track of your schedule with our easy-to-use calendar application. You can add, edit, and delete your calendar entries simply from the desktop taskbar, as well as set audible reminders that will play any sound file on your computer you choose.

Online Information Search and Retrieval

Enjoy quick access to information from a variety of sources, including e-books, magazines, encyclopedias, and the Merriam-Webster medical dictionary. Based on your criteria, Kurzweil 1000 will search select Internet repositories such as Bookshare.org, NLS Web Braille, AccessWorld, Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom, NFB Publications, and Wikipedia (in multiple languages), and present you with your download choices.

Read Files Away From Home & Burn CDs

Kurzweil 1000 can send your files to a wide variety of hand-held devices so you can read and reference important material when away from your home or office computer. You can also create CDs of your files within Kurzweil 1000 if you have a CD burner.

Broad Range of File Access

Any file type that you can print through an application installed on your computer can be opened with Kurzweil 1000 — including PDF, ePub, and PNG files-which greatly expands your reading choices.

What’s New in Version 14!

Here are just a few enhancements available with the latest release of Kurzweil 1000.
  • New Voice Notes Feature
  • New Proofreading Shortcut
  • New Scanning Mode
  • “Read Current Note” is a New Menu Item
  • Extract Images into PDF Files
  • Now Supports PNG Files

Product Enhancements

  • OCR Upgrades to ABBYY FineReader Version 11, and OmniPage© Version 19
  • Upgraded spell checker in Nine Languages and Dialects
  • Updated American Heritage Dictionary
  • Enhanced Navigation and Editing within Documents
  • More Ways to Copy, Cut, and Paste Text

Kurzweil 1000