Snow 7 HD

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The Easiest to Use 7-inch Handheld Video Magnifier

Inheriting all the advantages of Snow family, Zoomax handheld video magnifier Snow 7 HD in a creative design offers the real-time crisp image on the ergonomically settled widescreen, and is still the easiest to use. With its small book size and only 16.93 ounce, Snow 7 HD can be taken and used to read closely and see at a distance anywhere, home, school, office, bus stop, shop, etc.


The Snow 7 HD offers the largest viewing screen of all the handheld video magnifiers making it easy to read larger materials such as books, magazines and newspapers. The convenient wide-angled reading stand not only allows you to read more of the page at a time but also provide space for writing too. Write birthday cards, complete forms, sign checks and more!

Offering the best camera and most advanced imaging technology; the Snow 7 HD provides a crisp and clear image at any magnification level and even with fast movements. This auto-focus HD camera also allows users to view materials up close or at a distance. If you see something at a distance and want to take a closer look you can take a snapshot of the image and return the device to a comfortable reading position for longer exploration. Better yet, these compact, light-weight devices are the about the size of a small book and offer the same great benefits of the full desktop magnifiers at a fraction of the cost!

Easiest to use with 5 big buttons

The 5 classic high contrast and thumb-sized buttons of Snow 7 HD are functionally intuitive for you to start reading directly and exactly. Simple setting and no time-consuming learning are always necessary.

Zoomax 7 HD

7″ widescreen at ergonomic viewing angle

The 7″ widescreen allows you to reach more words and part of picture on the screen while reading or writing. The ingenious design of battery and stands can support 7 inch screen at an ergonomic viewing angle steadily. With these features, Snow 7 HD can satisfy your desire to read more and long time in a comfortable position. Just enjoy your reading time, and don’t worry about neck or eye strain. Also there’s enough space under the HD camera to work the pen.

Zoomax 7 HD

Real-time crisp image

The auto-focus HD camera of Snow 7 HD assures the real-time crisp image absolutely while moving or changing magnification continuously from 2.2X to 19X. There are 12 color modes for your choice.

Zoomax 7 HD

Best assistant for anyone anywhere

Because of only 16.93 ounce and small book size, you can use Snow 7 HD to enjoy reading quietly at home, do your homework at school or even go shopping with it in your handbag. It is a good reading aids for the visually impaired .

Zoomax Snow 7 HD


  • High definition image
  • Continuous magnification
  • Favorite color modes
  • Real-time image capture
  • Near and distance viewing by switching one button
  • Lightest weight among the 7″ handheld video magnifiers
  • Intelligently save the last using setting after power off including color mode,magnification, sound, etc.
  • Power saving after no operation in 3 minutes
  • Special tailored Zoomax protective bag


  • Auto-focus HD camera
  • 2.2X~ 19X magnifications
  • 7″ TFT screen
  • 12 color modes (customized color modes combination available)
  • 6.5cm ~ 500cm viewing distance
  • 16.93 ounces (480g with battery)
  • Dimensions: 19.5cm x 13.95cm x 2.5cm
  • Approximate 5 hours continuous use; 4~5 hours charging
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Foldable reading stand
  • Support PAL/NTSC, connect to TV
  • Certificates: CE; FCC; RoHS

Additional information


2.2x – 19x Continuous

Screen Size

7 inches HD

Screen Resolution

1024 x 600 pixels

Contrast Modes

12 color modes, Full color, 2 favorite modes


1280 x 720 pixels, HD with Autofocus

Viewing Distance

2.5 in – 197 in


7.7″ x 5.5″ x 1″


1 lb with battery


5 hours continuous use, 4-5 hours charging


HDMI Cable, User manual, Carrying case and lanyard


Foldable reading stand, Real-time image capture, Save settings, Power saving mode, Brightness adjustment, LED light turn on/off, Beeps for indications

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